NEON WORKS is located in the heart of Montevideo, Uruguay.
Only a block away from Plaza de Cagancha, you'll have easy access to all the shops, cafes, and museums
that make Montevideo the lively city it is.

What We Offer

We know you need resources to do your best work - so we've built NEON WORKS
to offer everything you need to run your company or excel at your job.

  • Meeting Rooms

    Two multipurpose meeting rooms provide the perfect space to hold team strategy meetings, entertain clients, or take a much-needed lunch break.

  • Educational Workshops

    We're all about learning, so we host regular technical workshops to teach you the latest ideas, developments, and techniques in technology and entrepreneurship.

  • Focus Room

    Our focus room is quiet and relaxed, designed to help you get in the zone and crunch through anything and everything on your to-do list.

  • Meals & Drinks

    Gourmet, nutritious meals prepared with love by our chef - oh, and craft beer every day after 6pm, of course.

  • Wifi

    High speed internet so you never have to worry about your connection.

  • Private Calls Room

    Our call room is separated and sound proofed so you can take your calls peacefully, quietly, and confidentially.

Floor Plan

Membership Plans

No two people or businesses are the same, so NEON WORKS offers a variety of memberships to suit you no matter what your needs are. Whether you're a remote worker in need of a daily desk, a moonlighting entrepreneur running your startup on your off nights, or a growing team steering a healthy business to success, we'll provide you the space and tools you need to excel.

01.Hot Desk

You'll get your own desk for a certain portion of each month, week, or day, perfect for someone who needs space to work without paying for it when they're not working.

02.Fixed Desk

Morning, noon, or night, our monthly fixed desk membership guarantees you a spot at NEON WORKS anytime you need it.

03.Private Office

You'll get your own private office for a team of one to six people.

04.Night Owl

For moonlighters, this monthly membership offers a night-time hot desk so you can get those extra hours in.

05.Day Lark

For those who need time now and then during the day, our Day Lark program offers daily hot desking.


For a flat rate, you'll get access to our full schedule of informational and educational workshops.


Our chef cooks all our delicious meals with fresh ingredients and a healthy portion of love. You can add breakfast, lunch or both to your existing plan to keep you or your team well fed and fueled up.

  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Breakfast & Lunch


Ready to work like never before? Just shoot us an email to discuss your workspace needs.


- Zelmar Michelini 1290 Apto 4.